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“I am proud to be associated with Usana Health Sciences for the last 8 years. I attribute
Usana products for saving my life. In 1998 I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and was told
by my doctor to get ready for a sedentary lifestyle. If Sarcoidosis spreads to your brain or
your heart, it’s game over. This disease can spread anywhere in your body. The amount
of anti-inflammatory drug that I was prescribed had very serious side effects and I was told
I would gain 75 to 100 pounds just from taking it. I tried it for 7 days and I thought I would
lose my mind. I stopped it and never went back.”

“I suffered with Sarcoidosis for 3 years before I found Usana. With this disease, I’d go to
work at 9 AM and all day I’d long to go back home and sleep all day. With Sarcoidosis
you suffer from zero energy.”

“I want to thank Brent White, a fellow athlete and former co-worker, who directed me to
Usana. Once on the Usana products I felt better within a week. I had more energy.
Like most people, I was skeptical at first. I thought the products were expensive.
I thought I was getting better anyway and maybe didn’t need them. I didn’t want to spend the money. When I stopped taking the Usana products I started feeling bad again. I made a decision after a week of feeling bad to go back on the Usana products and have never stopped and I joined the company as an associate. That was 8 years ago. I’d spend my last dime on Usana.  I say this all the time to people.”

“It’s easy to recommend Usana to anyone. Usana gave me my life back!”

Usana products Perry recommends to his fitness clients:

Children: Bodyrox, BiOmega, Proflavanol
Teens: Bodyrox/Essentials, BiOmega, Actical, Proflavanol 90, Procosa II
Adults: RESET, Essentials/Healthpak, BiOmega, Actical, Proflavanol 90, Procosa II
Senior Adults: RESET, Essentials/HealthPak, BiOmega, Actical, Proflavanol 90, Procosa II

To order the Usana products at the best prices:
Contact Perry’s partner Ani Black to order the Usana products at the best prices!

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About Ani:

Ani Black has been an associate of Usana Health Sciences since 1996. She is my good
friend and business partner and she can help you get the best prices on the Usana products
(wholesale less 10%).

Contact Ani:

Visit the website:

“Free radicals” are molecular outlaws that course through your bloodstream, and they have been implicated in the cause of more than 50 diseases. They can be produced to destructive excess through the effects of cigarette smoke, air pollution, ultra-violet light, or radiation. Or if you are an avid physical trainer, you may be producing a harmful amount of free radicals through overtraining or overexertion. Understanding the destructive power of free radicals and how to avoid or combat them can save or add years to your life. Strengthen your own internal “police force” against harmful free radicals with antioxidant supplementation. Antioxidants strengthen the operation of the immune system to combat diseases.
                                                                             Dr. Kenneth Cooper MD

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